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Best 5 wireless Earphones buy under 1500 in India -Latest update 2021

Best Quality wireless Earphones 2021 to best buy under Rs 1500.

Here are the Best 5 wireless earphones for swimming and gaming headsets 2021 and noise-cancelling headphones under 1500.

Do you want to buy quality and best wireless earphones, and if your budget is under RS 1500? well, I will help you to choose the best headphone. 

Best 5 wireless Earphones buy under 1500 in India -Latest update 2021
Wireless Earphones

There are thousands of headphones available but some of them are only extremely worth the price. You should select your headphone as per your requirement and which suits your requirement and makes the best buy decision.

Here you get the best Quality Top-rated headphone list range for different features like Noise-cancelling headphones, the Best headphones for the gym, Quality headphones for sound quality and the Best budget gaming headsets of 2021.

1. Wireless Earphone: Boat Rockerz 450-Masaba Edition.

Best 5 wireless Earphones buy under 1500 in India -Latest update 2021

Wireless Earphone: Boat Rockerz 450-Masaba Edition


Specification of  Boat Rockerz 450 Earphone.

Boat Rockerz 450 headphone comes with a top-quality 40mm drive and high-definition audio and Top Rated Noise-cancelling Headphone.

This headphone comes up with a 300mAh battery which will offer you a playback time of 8hrs and one of the best budget headphones in 2021 
You can use adaptive earplugs with a soft hand band and obtain a tremendous experience. This headphone has integrated mic and voice controls like Siri and Google assistance.

This is Noise cancelling headphone under Rs.1500 and the best headphone for the gym workout and the Best sound quality.

Features of Boat Rockerz 450 Earphone

  • Headphone type: On-ear
  • Driver type: moving coil type
  • Bluetooth range: 10 meters
  • Charge time: 3 Hours
  • Playback time:8 Hrs
  • Bluetooth version:v4.2
  • Battery capacity:300mAh.

2. Wireless Earphone: Infinity Glide 500.

Best 5 wireless Earphones buy under 1500 in India -Latest update 2021

Wireless Earphone: Infinity Glide 500


Specification of Infinity Glide 500.

Best Headphone for Music Sound quality.

This comes with an excellent, amazing battery that includes a playback time of 13 hrs for 2hr of charging. 

This headphone comes with voice controls systems like Siri and Google assistance and one of the best playback headphones for stereo music and best sound quality headphone for gaming Features of Infinity Glide 500.

  • charge time: 2hours
  • talk time: 13 hours
  • playback time: 20hours
  • driver size: 32mm 
  • battery capacity:210mAh
  • Bluetooth version:5.0

Infinity Glide 500 comes with easy controls and this headphone is foldable and it's easy to hold within your pocket.

3. Wireless Earphone: Boult audio Fluidx. 

Best 5 wireless Earphones buy under 1500 in India -Latest update 2021

Wireless Earphone: Boult audio Fluidx


Specification of Boult audio Fluidx Earphone.

-Best headphones for the gym and swimming

The sound quality of the Boult audio headphone is excellent, making them ideal for the gym. It also supports auto-pairing.

This is also meant to be taken effortlessly. It can flexible and convenient to worn during workouts because of its lightweight.

This headset also features a 10-hour battery life and have the ability to fully immerse you in the music. 

There's also support for passive noise cancellation and this is one of the best workout headphones.

Features of Boult audio Fluidx Earphone.

  • Designed for flexibility
  • Auto-pairing support
  • Super comfort
  • More bass
  • Water resistance IPX5
  • Voice assistance
  • Talk time: 10 hours
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0

4. Wireless Earphone:  Zeb-duke.

Best 5 wireless Earphones buy under 1500 in India -Latest update 2021

Wireless Earphone:  Zeb-duke


Specification of Zeb-Duke Earphone

- Best Budget Earphone of 2021.

Zeb-duke headphones with soft ear cushions, an adjustable headband, and RGB lighting, Zeb-Duke is a wireless headset with 2 hours to charge30 hours of playback time, 30 hours of talk time.

Wireless (WiFi) AUX Function for BTVoice Assistant.

A voice assistant is included, as well as a multifunction button that controls media and volume.

Features of  Zeb-Duke Earphone

  • Wireless BT

  • Voice assistant support
  • AUX Function
  • Adjustable Headband
  • Media/Volume control
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • charge time: 3 hours
  • playback time: 30 hours

5, Wireless Earphone: Leaf Bass Wireless.

Best 5 wireless Earphones buy under 1500 in India -Latest update 2021

Wireless Earphone: Leaf Bass Wireless.


 - Best Sound quality Headphone

The leaf bass wireless headphone features deep bass and excellent audio quality, with rapid charging and AUX input, this device offers a battery life of 10 hours

The leaf app is used to control this headphone, which has a leather cushion and a low weight design.

Features of Leaf bass wireless Earphone.

  • fast charging
  • 10 hours playback
  • leather cushion
  • fast charging
  • Bluetooth version 5.0
  • easy controls
  • controlled using leaf app

Conclusion : 

With the above list of Top rated and Budget headphones with the best sound quality and the latest update of Noice cancelling waterproof headphones suites your different uses like gym, swimming etc., according to your preceptive and Hopes these best blue tooth headphones will meet your needs.

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