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Firefox tricks and tips for your better use of search engine

Firefox tricks and tips for the better use of firefox search settings.

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Firefox tips and tricks article for you to make better use of Firefox search settings. Firefox gives you fast, efficient and easy access to the Internet. These hidden tricks can reveal the basic aspects to make your browsing experience even more enjoyable. Keep reading to learn some of the important parts of Firefox... you may not realize by now.

In this, you will learn about Mozilla firefox tricks and tips for better use of the firefox browser and firefox setting & firefox config and know it.

1. Firefox: Distribute tabs throughout the room

What if you've read an article, recipe, or website on your mobile phone and thought it would look bigger and bigger on your computer?

Isn't it good to send the link by email or textWith my friend Firefox,

There is a better way to perform this task. You'll be waiting for the arrival to send that tab (or multiple tabs) to all devices that have a Firefox account. It also works the other way around, so you can send tabs from your computer to your phone. 

 Pick up where you left off with Firefox send tabs.

Firefox tricks and tips for your better use of search engine

Distribute Tabs throughout the room

How to Go About It:

From Firefox on your computer: Choose to send the tab to the device by right-clicking (PC) or two-finger tapping (Mac) on the tab.

From Firefox on your phone: Click the share icon to display the send to devise the menu.

Don't see any of these options? Sign in to your Firefox account on both devices to see them.

2. Firefox: Look for a needle in a haystack.

We see you, tab hoarders.

We are, in fact, you.

Never let anyone make fun of you for having dozens ( or dozens 3 ) of open tabs, implying that you don't have it together and can't find the right one.

Dazzle them instead with this trick.

To search specifically through all of your open tabs, including tabs in different windows, add a per cent sign to your URL search.

Then, instead of opening a new tab, you can switch to an already open tab, which no one has ever done.

If you like the tab search trick, try searching through your Bookmarks with * or your History with.

3. Firefox: Screenshots simplified

Have you ever needed to take a screenshot but couldn't remember how? Or perhaps you snapped one successfully but misplaced it in the depths of your hard drive? The built-in Firefox screenshot feature alleviates all stress. To access the Firefox action menu (see above tip), right-click (PC) or two-finger tap (Mac) and scroll to Take Screenshot. You've taken a screenshot!

Firefox tricks and tips for your better use of search engine

Firefox: Screenshots simplified

Here's how to add a screenshot button to your Firefox toolbar so you can take screenshots whenever you want.

4. Firefox: Reopen a previously closed tab

Tabs are life, and life is contained within tabs. Closing the wrong one results in that sinking oh no feeling we're all too familiar with. As a result, we devised a workaround.

How to Go About It: For a PC, press Ctrl + Shift + T. For Mac, press Command + Shift + T. Tab was instantly resurrected. You can even repeat this process to reopen multiple closed tabs.

5. Firefox: Save the best for last.

There is so much good content to read and watch on the internet that you will never be able to exhaust it in your lifetime. However, you can save the best for last. To save any article, video, or page directly from Firefox, click the Pocket icon.

Then, when you have some free time, it will be waiting for you in your phone's Pocket app (available for Android and iOS). Isn't that brilliant?

Firefox tricks and tips for your better use of search engine

Firefox: Save the best for last.

Where to get it: To begin saving any article, video, or page from Firefox, look for the Pocket symbol to the right of your toolbar.

6. Firefox: Picture-in-picture video multitasking

Do you have things to do and games to watch? Picture-in-picture, one of our most popular features, allows you to pop out a video from Firefox and have it play over the other windows on your screen. It's ideal for watching sports, hearings, live news, soothing scenes, and even cute animals on the side. It also has a multi-mode.

Firefox tricks and tips for your better use of search engine

Firefox: Picture-in-picture video multitasking

Where can I get it: Hover your mouse over any video that is currently playing and look for the picture-in-picture icon. Try this:

7. Firefox: Use the built-in eyedropper to sample any colour.

This one is for all of you creators out there. The internet is a vibrant place, and each colour is assigned a code known as a HEX value. With Firefox's built-in eyedropper tool, you can quickly sample colours and copy the HEX value to use elsewhere.

Firefox tricks and tips for your better use of search engine

Firefox: Use the built-in eyedropper

How to Apply It: Click the main menu in the upper right corner, then More Tools, and finally the eyedropper. Have a good time sampling!

8. Firefox: forget feature!

There may be times when you want to quickly delete your recent browsing history, and Firefox has you covered with the forget feature. Instead of a slew of complicated technical questions, forget only asks one: how much do you want to forget? When you tell Firefox that you want to forget the last 5 minutes, 2 hours, or 24 hours, it does the rest. This is particularly useful if you share a computer with friends or family.

Alternatively, if you forgot to open a private browsing window. Or if you simply do not want your recent browsing history (royal family gossip) to be resurfaced.

Firefox tricks and tips for your better use of search engine

Firefox: forget feature

Where can I get it:

Select More Tools from the main menu in the upper right corner.

Then, choose Customize Toolbar.

Find the Forget shortcut.

Drag it up to the Toolbar by grabbing it with your mouse.

Then, press the Done button.

The Forget button is now available to you wherever you go in Firefox.

9. Firefox: Password headache reliever

You've heard it a million times if you've heard it once:— :clap::skin-tone-4: use strong unique :clap::skin-tone-4:passwords.  

You may argue that it is easier said than done, but in Firefox, it is extremely simple. 

You can use the built-in password generator to generate and save strong, unique passwords without leaving Firefox. There is no need for additional downloads, software, or dubious websites. Sync your Firefox account across multiple devices to get your logins and passwords on your phone.

How to Apply It:

Suggest Strong Password by right-clicking in the Password field.

Firefox tricks and tips for your better use of search engine

Firefox: Password headache reliever

To locate saved passwords on your computer, perform the following steps: Select Passwords from the main menu in the upper right corner.

Go to Firefox settings and select Logins and Passwords to find saved passwords on your phone.

Set up a Primary Password to protect all those strong, one-of-a-kind passwords.

10. Session Restore

Everyone has experienced the agony of restarting their computer or simply the browser and losing tabs. It's soul-crushing. Firefox starts with a single-window open by default. If you want to resume where you left off, use the session restore feature, which restores everything you had open the last time you used it. In the upper right, tap the main menu. Select Restore Previous Session from the History menu. The soul was restored.

Make it a permanent fixture: You can configure Firefox to always display the windows and tabs from your previous session when you launch it. right now.

11. The secret menu

Perhaps you are aware of this one, but for those who are not, it is critical. You should be aware of the Firefox action menu, which appears and changes depending on where you open it. When you open a website's menu, an image, or the menu bar, the actions are contextual to what you're doing at the time. Smart! The top 25 context menu entries cover 97 per cent of what people want to do.

How to use it: Throughout Firefox, right-click (PC) or two-finger tap (Mac).


I hope you guys, find the article useful and these firefox tips will be much useful for you with the further use of firefox., and don't forget to share it with your friends.

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