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Best 10 Stylish new trendy Smartwatch under 3000

Best 10 Stylish new trendy Smartwatch under 3000 fully updated.

Both Men are Women are becoming more and more, conscious about their trendy stylish and are willing to have everything updated and their lifestyle required to be more systematic and to be more scheduled, from they start their morning - work - travel everything need to be updated and they want to connect with their community in all-time. For this, smartwatches are more helpful to stay connected.

With this smartwatch, you can get always connected with your people and you get calls and Social media notifications and set your reminder connected with your smartphone, while you're in work-out and yoga and you no need to feel like you missed your important messages.

These smartwatches make you connected with and feel you are missed important notifications at the same time gives importance to your health by monitoring your heartbeat and breath control guide and sedentary alerts and ideal Alreats give you to keep yourself not going out of the healthy way.

At Present Smartwatches are comes in highly upgraded versions and has a number of features and it helps you to stay fit and on time by guiding you right from wakeup to monitoring your steps and guides you to make your steps very effective one, for your better health.

The demand for Smartwatches has boomed, it helps you in every moment of your daily life, and Selecting the right and useful products launched and buying a smartwatch became difficult. but you are in a right place.

If you are willing to change your conventional way of life into smart life, these smartwatches will guide you to make your lifestyle in more ways. I am here to help you to choose the best smartwatch under 3000 by describes the latest features at the same time list out a very stylish smartwatch under 3000 to suit your outfit.

In this article, you are going to the Best 10 advanced and stylish smartwatches under 3000 with all features are really useful for monitoring of daily working out and these smartwatches are really worth your money at the same time very economical.

we have elaborately analysed the features of all the 10 smartwatches under 3000 if given list, so you will get a complete picture of the features and options available in every smartwatch and this helps you get the best idea to select the right smartwatch under 3000.


List of Best Smartwatches Under 3000.
FireBoult SP02
Zebronics ZebFit 2220CH
Pepple pace
Gizmore Giafit 908
BFit Gen B1
Vikyuvi Vikfit Elit
Noice Colorfit Pro 2
Gionee Stylefit GSW6
MevoFit Air 1X

This Fire Boult SP02 is the first-ever Heart rate monitoring Smartwatch under 3000, which 1.4-inch full touch display and has a metal body. This Brightness level is with 400 nits Peak. You can make attend the call with this inbuilt micro speaker.

Best 10 Stylish new trendy Smartwatch under 3000
Fire Boult Sp02 

Best 10 Stylish new trendy Smartwatch under 3000

Key Points

24*7 Heart Rate Monitoring IPX7

A blood Pressure Monitor SP02

HD Display Clear & Delicate for a better view

7+ workout modes that make you more effective

six-month supplier backed warranty

Features of Fire Boult SP 02 Smartwatch

As Points out at the top, this is the smartwatch in the Top list of smartwatch under 3000 with SP O2 functionality- and optical heart rate sensor with real-time monitoring of heart rate during exercise as well as routine life. This SP02 Sensor keeps track of your heart rate.


This Smart Watch with Full Touch screen with a Sleek and Fashionable Metal Body and a thin and elegant style, and with a detachable watch band.


This Fire Boult has a 1.4" colour display with a complete capacitive touch screen that supports taps and swipes, making it simple to read and use all functions. Its 2.5D Curve Transparent glass, which has a resolution of 240*240 pixels, allows you to see in all directions.


It has a Powerful Battery with 8 days of battery life which is more convenient for your not to go for frequent charging and you can concentrate on your everyday tasks. The smartwatch has 15 days of standby time.


You can download Unlimited Built-in watches faces 


This smartwatch has a lot of options to track every step and activity of your workouts, such as walking, jogging, cycling, skipping, badminton, basketball, and football. 


With this, you can Count the steps of your walking and the distance you covered, and the calories you burnt in a particular activity.


This SmartWatch has IPX7 Water Resistant - No need to worry about the stuck out of sweating, raining or come into touch with water. It gives complete water resistance protection.


You can always Stay Socially connected- with your smartphones, In any situation, you'll never miss a message, a phone call, or an important notice and you always be available. 

With this SmartWatch, you can make fitness a habit.

Zebronics Zeb-fit smartwatch comes with three colour variants Blackstrap, Rose strap and Gadet Grey Strap. The main feature of this smartwatch is this can be connected with Android and IOS Smartphones.

Zebronics smartwatch 


key Points
2.5D Full Touch Smart Fitness Band with Round Display.

IP 68 Water Resistance.

8 Sport Mode.

100+ watch faces.

Camera controls.

 Features of Zebronics Zeb-Fit 2220CH Smartwatch.

This Zebronics Zeb-fit comes with a full touch smartwatch of Rounded Analog Display.


It has 8 Unique Sport Mode features of Football, swimming, walking, Running, Cycling, Skipping, Badminton and Basketball.


IP 68 Water Resistance: With this standard of Resistance this watch can survive dust, filth and sand as well as being able to submerged resistance up to 30 minutes at a maximum depth of 1.5 meters underwater.


This will display you the caller ID and has the option of Call reject.


Camer shutter Feature: With this feature, you can control your mobile camera to open and close within a certain period of time, enabling light to reach the image sensor and take a clear picture.


Sedentary Reminder: With this option, you can set the reminder for how often you need the reminder for a particular activity.


You can control your music player and play your selected list of songs.


This Pebble pace smartwatch is one of the dynamic display colours display,

its main feature is a smart and stylish curved display and you can wear this all long a day with your routine work also its haptic touch options enable you for a smooth operation instead of no need to go for hard touch to change the mode.


Best 10 Stylish new trendy Smartwatch under 3000
Pebble Pace smartwatch

Best 10 Stylish new trendy Smartwatch under 3000

Key Points
Full touch display

Comes up with 5+ sports mode

Water resistance

This Smartwatch has 10+ battery life

Different watch faces make your stay unique every day

Notification Alert function

Music controls

Features of  Pebble pace Smartwatch


These monitors your heart rate and blood pressure are also featured to monitor your oxygen level in your blood and the quality of your sleep: The advanced technology adapts to your lifestyle easily and conveniently and monitors your health 24x7.


The build-in oximeter features monitor the oxygen saturation in your blood with a feature of SPO2.


It has options of 100+ watch faces with a dynamic display, and full touch haptic touch control. 


With the inbuild Pedometer and multiple workout modes, you will get a highly accurate step count and monitor accurately your daily workouts.


The Pebble Pace has a big standby battery backup of 14 days, and it lasts for 7 days of active use with a strong robust 150 mAh battery and clever smart sensors.


IPX67 certified to guarantee you the production it can resist up to half an hour up to a 1-meter depth and give production from dust, sweat and protection from screw and wires.

Gizmore Gizfit 908 smartwatch.

This Gilmore Gizfit 908 comes in an Aluminum case body with a 1.4 inches long curved 3D display and having Email access option. This Gizmore Gizfit ranks higher in the top list of the best smartwatch under 3000 with the unique features of below...

Best 10 Stylish new trendy Smartwatch under 3000
Gizmore Gizfit smartwatch

Best 10 Stylish new trendy Smartwatch under 3000


Key Points

1.4" 3D curved Aluminium Body

Unlimited Faces

Sedentary and Drinking Reminder

Smartphone navigation up to 70 characters

IP 68 rating of water and Sweat Resistance

Supports Google Fit and Apple Health

CPU NORDIC 52832-Enables to meets the challenges of a broad range of applications

Features of Gizmore Gizfit 908 Smartwatch.

You can choose 30+ faces that you can pair with your outfit or either.



This is with a 1.4-inch curved display with full capacitive touch and it's featured with the readability in day sunlight also and with the tap and swipes you control the options, it comes in Midnight Black and Olive Green variants.



It's having 9 Sports Modes which you can track your running, walking, Hiking, Biking, Treadmill, workout, Climbing, Spinning as well as yoga.



With a 24X7 Heart Rate Monitor and a sedentary Alarm and  Sleep Tracking and Calories Burned monitoring options, you can make your health updated and can get an exact output of your activities.



With this smartwatch you can perform most of your duties may be handled from your wrist, which let you relieving up your hands from your phone., Listen to music, control the camera, check the weather, and read messages and notifications. It can also assist you in locating your phone if you have misplaced it in the room.



BREATHING CONTROL: This Assists you in Easing Yourself. With the new Breath Mode, you can take a five breath along with this "Mode", wherever you are. It leads you through mindfulness and controlled breathing, which lowers your heart rate and reduces stress.



With this Latest performance-oriented CPU Nordic NFR 52832 support and with SF LIS2DH12TR Sensor this Gizmore Gizfit smartwatch delivers you 40% higher efficiencies by consuming 50% or less power. This feature is able to give a battery capacity of 8-10 days under regular use.



GizFit 908 had sweat and water-resistant and has the standard of IPX68 Resistance.

BFIT Gen B1 Smartwatch.

This BFit is a Very simple craftsmanship attractive design with a classical square frame and functional button. Precision in every aspect. 2.5D tempered glass with anti-scratch. Full touch and easy operation on all sides.

Best 10 Stylish new trendy Smartwatch under 3000


Key Points

Stainless Steel Body made by HRM system

Body Temperature Measuring Feature

Special Feature of Pulse Monitor and Shock Resistance

1.54-inch Display

Compatible for Android 4.4 or above and iOS 11.0 or above feature.

Features of BFIT Gen B1 Smartwatch.

A Thermometer on your Wrist: This option enables you to monitor your body temperature during this Covid 19 outbreak this could be very useful to you to check the extreme body temperature deviation.


You can monitor your Heart Rate Changes in Real-Time during your workout using a Built-In PPG Heart Rate Sensor and a Self-Developed Heart Rate Algorithm. BIF GEN B1 Smartwatch will make your workout more scientific and effective.



F2 will notify you when receiving a call or the Message, with this function you can reject a call, Which helps you to away from the phone at the same time you will not miss the important message.



The average Battery life per charge is 15 days and 30 days standby time. In under an hour, 60% charge will get reach.



The special features are Bluetooth, Music player, Pulse monitor, Multi-Face, Shock resistant, Calendar, Fitness Tracker, Sleep tracking, Social media notifications, Touch Screen, Pedometer, Calories Counter, Camera control, IOS, Android, Activity tracker, Heart rate Monitor, Stopwatch, Backlight, Alarm Clock, Countdown.



Health Care mode: For females, it has the special feature to track periods.



11 Sports Mode and it's having a 5 ATM Rating for Swim Proof with IP68 for dirt and stand resistance.


By Turn your wrist you can take photos on your Smartphone and simply shake it back to a fitness tracker.


It has a 1.54" IPS Color screen and 240X 240 dpi, 2.5D Trampered protection glass and anti-scratch proof.


You can enable to read the 10 newest Messages on the watch and you can enable Do Not Disturb Mode and if you feel insufficient light you can raise your hand Light 'ON'.


You can set Sedentary Reminder and with this build-in fitness tracker, you can set your goal and with the wireless Bluetooth you can syn with your laptops or Android 4.4 or above.

This is a 1.78-inch high-resolution full touch smartwatch with a screen resolution of 420x485 and compatibility with iPhone and Samsung Android IP68. In this, you can attend your phone calls without missing the important call.

V2A Evoc smartwatch

Key Points

A high-resolution screen gives a sharp display and Bright colour.

Once you Lift your Wrist, you can wake Up Screen.

You can Set Upto 5 Alarms.

Having the Option to set Do Not Disturb Mode.

Up to 3 Levels of Vibration Intensity can be set.

This is having a unique option to choose Wear Preference between Left or Right Hand.

Screen Brightness can be Control.

You Can Enable Power Saving by setting 'Sleep Mode'.

Features of V2A EVOC Smartwatch.

With an inbuilt microphone, keyboard and Speaker allow you to make or receive calls, with this you can easily answer to a phone call without miss the important calls while you are walking driving and running or treadmill and cycling.


It can sync your phonebook and call history of your smartphone.



You can view SMA and reply with simple templets ( for the smartphone which supports this feature)



In build 9 faces and 1.54” HD full touch screen and TFT LCD display with 240x 240 HD Pixels, you can experience a smooth full touch screen.



Different colours and styles and a 2.5 D High hardness glass screen with 5 Level brightness adjustable give you a clear image under the direct light.



This optical sensor gives you the accurate measuring of Heart rate, Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygen saturation percentage (SP02) and the special option of gesture ECG display method( up to 70% accuracy as given in manual book)



This has all other features of the smartwatch such as monitoring step count, running, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, phone finder, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate Monitor, wrist control of the camera of the smartphone.

Noise ColorFit Pro 2 Oxy.

This Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Oxy smartwatch with the uniqueness of 35 grams weight which gives you a feel of freehand and with upgraded LCD Display. Four matching colours and detachable straps.

Best 10 Stylish new trendy Smartwatch under 3000
Noise colorfit smartwatch

Best 10 Stylish new trendy Smartwatch under 3000

Key Points
Light Weight 38 grams

Matt Black Curved Edge

10 Days Battery Life

IP 68 Rated WaterProof

14 sport Modes

Sedentary and Goal Completion Reminder

Supports Android and ios

Email and Social media Alerts

Features of  Noise Colorfit Pro 2 Oxy.

It has 1.3" full HD display simple Perfect clarity and clear image.

This Noice ColorFit Pro has a polycarbonate cover that makes it featherlight on your wrist and offers in four magnificent colours with detachable straps.

There are 9 sports modes to cover all of your activities, Whether you walk, run, hike, cycle, treadmill, work out, climb, spin, or do yoga.

It has the Stress Monitor option for you to give Alerts you the unknown Stress in you. And Has all the other features of Smartwatches.

Gionee Stylefit GSW6 Smartwatch.

This Gionee Stylefit comes with an inbuilt Mic and a microphone you can attend to your important calls or also you can make a call reject function and comes with full touch Matt Black finish.

Best 10 Stylish new trendy Smartwatch under 3000
Gionee stylefit smartwatch 

Best 10 Stylish new trendy Smartwatch under 3000

Key Points
Multiple Faces

In-Built Mic and Speaker Enables Bluetooth Calling and Speaker

Light Weight 48 grams

Notification Alerts for SMS, Whatsapp, Email and Facebook

Wide Display of 1.7 inches ( 4.3 cm dimension)

Remote Camara Control

Features of Gionee Stylefit GSW6 smartwatch 

This is with unlimited multi Faces which you can customise with according and you can have an everyday refreshing feel.


With the In-built Mic and Speaker and CALL ATTEND FUNCTION, you can attend your call and be free to do multiple jobs and continue your Workout without interruption.


Heaving all common features of Blood Oxygen monitor( SPO2), Heart Rate Monitoring, Sleep Quality Monitoring, Multi-Sport Mode Options, Calories Meter and Pedometer and for Females Menstrual Tracker are available and which is more suitable Smartwatch under 3000 for both Gender.


The Battery standby time is 15 days and the use time battery life is 5 days.

MevoFit Air 1X Smartwatch.

This MevoFit Air 1X has shown richness in its silicon material and Design and Craftsmanship its one of the special features are mobile compatibility. 

Best 10 Stylish new trendy Smartwatch under 3000
Movofit Air smartwatch

Best 10 Stylish new trendy Smartwatch under 3000

Key Points
Android 5.0 and IOS 9.0 Connectivity

Exclusive for swimming with IP68 Rating for WaterProof

155 mAh Battery

Find My Phone Feature

Enable Weather Report

Features of MevoFit Air 1X Smartwatch.

There are four built-in watch faces, including an analogue watch face, that also can be customised.


This Mevofit wristwatch monitors your body temperature and heart rate 24 hours a day, as well as all-day activities such as steps, distance, calories burnt, and sleep monitoring.


With this Mevofit Smartwatch, you have the option to read phone notifications such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Calls, SMS, and more directly on the device. You may also use the watch to set reminders to keep you alert for critical tasks.


Monitoring the Weather, Remote Shutter, Music Control, and Find My Phone are among the other notable features of this IP 68 waterproof smartwatch. Furthermore, the watch has four sports modes that enable you to track outside activities such as walking, jogging, cycling, and hiking.

Vikyuvi Vikfit Elite Smart Watch

This Vikyuvi Vikfit Elite is full Touch Smart Watch is the feature of 24x7 Heart Rate Monitoring and Call control Alerts, IP68 Waterproof feature and the battery life is upto10 Days Battery of usage

Best 10 Stylish new trendy Smartwatch under 3000

Key Points
180 mAh Long-lasting battery
10-day battery life and 45 days Stand-by.
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Brightness and screen off time adjustment settings

Features of Vikyuvi Vikfit Elite Smartwatch

Vikyuvi guarantees you the accurate heart rate sensor enables all Days and will monitor the Heart rate by 24x7 and Blood oxygen(SpO2) measurement features give you to monitor the Oxygen level in your body and keep track of your workout and the breath training allows guides you to control your breathing and to reduce your Blood Pressure and your Tension.

The Full Touch Color Display of 1.4 inches (3.5 cm) and full touch, In-Plane Switching is a type of monitor display and screen technology and a thin border around the screen gives you Liquid Crystal Display.
10 Day Battery life and Long-lasting 180 mAh battery features and ensure up to 10-day battery life. Stand-by for up to 45 days, 2 hour recharging time give you’re the hassle-free usage of this smartwatch and also has the latest feature of  Bluetooth 5.0 quick connectivity.
Smart Connectivity and Alerts provide the first genuinely continuous connection product with your Smartphone, and the APP is not cleaned up by the system background. It can connect automatically even if it is shut off and restarted.
It offers you a 2.5D curved glass finish, which provides a fashionable and premium display. You can also able to change the brightness and screen off time, as well as use the Vibration Alarm and the 10 Sport mode to keep track of your various sporting activities.
The Smartwatch allows you to control your Incoming call alert by vibration, and you can make the Long press to reject a call when you don’t want to attend the call, you can enable your SMS and views your messages by the notifications enabled via the app.


So well you have the list of Best smartwatches under 3000 and we hope you like the above list, We are happy and pleased to bring you the best research of the Best smartwatch under 3000.


If you have any questions and suggestions regarding the above, please write to us, your support and comment will give encouragement to work a lot for you.

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